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The Future Is Wearable Technology

January 29th, 2013

At Flashwear we see ourselves as early innovators in wearble technology. We were the business who 1st started putting illumination on clothing in a serious way. Out range of t-qualiser shirts are still very popular the world over. In fact many people email us and say things like – are you the guys that sell those flashing shirts at Universal Studios

So, where do we think the new hot products are?

Sports Visor for Atheletes

What about the Screeneye X sports visor. It records all your athletic activity; speed, distance, heart rate, lap time etc and displays it on a screen in front of you. All sent to the visor via radio linked sensors on the body. And if wearing some technology on your head is your thing you might want to look at the LED light cap which has a solar powered visor. Perfect for evening activities like fishing etc.



Smart Watches

These cool wrist watches from Pebble Technology use e-paper and run various apps linking it to an iphone. Its a computer for your wrister and can be seen in bright sunshine. Or you might be interested in our Spy Watch which is a watch that records video and audio digitally.




Pet Finder Technology

The SticknFind pet finder is a little device that have a bluetooth chip. Using an app on your phone you can see where you cat or dog is within 200m. But if you want to go considerably more “low tech” you might want to try an LED collar for you dog. Perfect for those long dark winter nights.


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