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Clothing that lights up.

January 31st, 2013

Fashion trends are really changing and we are seeing a huge interest in clothing which lights up. There are various technologies for this, LED being one. However electroluminescence still seems to be the technology of choice for “tech togs” like our t-shirts.


Fergie’s dress that lights up

The Black Eyed Peas are famous for the way they embrace wearable technology and technology and fashion. In fact Will.I.Am is said to be passionate about this. Just look at Fergie’s dress which lights up at the Billboard Awards in 2011. In fact Flashwear even supplied the shirt Fergie’s wore in Boom Boom Pow video. If you want to get one of these you can here.


JLS illuminating Costumes

Just like the “Peas” JLS are fond of their wearable tech. Their stage performances are bright, flashy and eye catching with the use of LED chest plates. Of course, if it is an illuminated chest you want then look no further than the Raver T-shirt that lights up to music.





Fashion Technology

At Flashwear we are dead keen on fashion technology and you will see in the coming month our products will reflect this. And we are not the only ones. The team at Ecouterre have been following this trend for some time. Look at the Vega Wang’s costumes designed for TRON3. They use the same technology as we do. They really are out of this world

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