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PURE Sensia Digital Audio System with Wi-Fi

Monday, August 16th, 2010

PURE Sensia Digital Audio System

You can experience incredible entertainment value at exceptional quality with the PURE Sensia Digital Audio System With Wi-Fi. The combination of cutting edge technology and impressive sound capabilities makes the PURE Sensia Digital Audio System with Wi-Fi any gadget lovers dream. Pure Sensia Digital Audio System with Wi-Fi is touch screen and at the digital forefront of digital entertainment. You can listen to literally thousands of internet radio stations on the PURE Sensia Digital Audio System, streaming your music from your PC via the Wi-Fi connection. The interactive 5.7″ colour touch-screen of the PURE Sensia Digital Audio System is in colour screen too, adding further stimulation to your experience. You’ll be hard pushed to find a PURE Sensia Digital Audio System cheaper than this as they have just been reduced.

PURE Sensia Digital Audio System with Wi-Fi Features

• DAB Digital Radio Stations
• Internet Radio Stations
• Online Apps & Podcasts
• Clearsound Technology
• 5.7″ 640 x 480 TFT Colour Touchscreen
• Sleep Timer
• Clock
• FM Radio
• RDS (Radio Data System)
• Tuner
• Auto Tuner
• Bass & Treble Controls
• 3.5mm Connection Headphone Socket
• Alarm Clock

PURE Sensia Digital Audio System with Wi-Fi Specifications

DAB Radio, 87.5-108 MHz FM RDS Frequency Range
174-240 MHz DAB-Band III & 802.11b and 802 1.1b and 802.11g
Supported with WEP and WPA/WPA2 Encryption Wireless Connections
RF Remote Control (Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Required) & 230/110V AC to 14.3V DV external power adapter

Pocket Gadgets Can Get You Out Of Sticky Situations

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Some of the best gadgets are ones that you can take with your everywhere you go, or in other words pocket gadgets. The pocket gadgets although small are big in pleasure and functionality, as well as being novel of course. Occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, camping and general travelling are great times to for pocket gadgets.

Pocket Gadgets Wallet Ice Scraper

It’s never much fun getting up for work in the morning, but when it’s frosty outside this makes getting to work on time even more difficult which is where the Wallet Ice Scraper comes in useful. The wallet ice scraper is just that, you can actually fit it into your wallet due to the compact size of it, or you can attach it to your keys if you prefer. There is a flat edge for scraping the ice and a serrated edge to remove the extra tough bits.

Pocket Gadgets Wallet Ice Scraper Colours

Blue Wallet Ice Scraper

Pink Wallet Ice Scraper

Grey Wallet Ice Scraper

Pocket Gadgets Card Lite LED Torch

Don’t get left in the dark with this nifty compact Card Lite LED Torch which you can keep in your wallet, purse or pocket until required. The pocket sized torch is small but provides an amazing amount of light which can be invaluable when there are power cuts of other uncontrollable events. The batteries are included with the Card Lite LED Torch, so you can use it straight away and it is also available in a variety of colours.

Pocket Gadgets Card Lite LED Torch Colours

Green Card Lite LED Torch

Red Card Lite LED Torch

USB Gadgets Are Simple Ways To Liven Up Your Day

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

With all the USB ports in your computer you might as well use them, particularly with the tremendous choice of USB Gadgets available. You can make sure that you utilise those USB ports in style too, with USB Gadgets such as bendi keyboards, street mouse wireless TVR’s and stylish USB Neon signs. If you don’t have room for USB Gadgets in your own home, you can buy them as gifts for somebody else’s.

USB Gadgets Think Light

This sweet USB Think Light can be used to brighten your desk and mood and if you’ve ever seen the endearing children’s film ‘The Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree’ then you’ll know why. You will soon find out that the USB Think Light is no ordinary light, it actually gets brighter the faster you type, so you can imagine the amount of fun you can have in the office, your boss will love it too considering how much work you’ll get done. These think lights will show exactly how much of a bright spark you are and they are compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems, just plug it into a USB port and enjoy the result.

USB Gadgets Think Light

Littlest Light

USB Gadgets Think Light System Requirements

• Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista
• PC with Pentium 3 or Compatible Processor Operating at 1.5GHz+
• Display Adapter Capable of 800 x 600 in 16 Bit Colour
• 256MB RAM
• 200MB Hard Drive Space
• CD-ROM Drive
• USB 1.1 Port

USB Gadgets Cactus Electric Oil Diffuser

USB Gadgets Cactus Oil Diffuser

With this stunning Cactus Electric Oil Diffuser you can enjoy a whole new level of relaxation whilst at your desk, or working on your laptop. This cool USB Gadget just needs a few drops of essential oil and everything will soon seem much rosier. The Cactus Electric Oil Diffuser has a gradational LED light which changes colour to further improve your mood.

USB Gadgets Cactus Electric Oil Diffuser Info

• 2 Modes – Lights & Lights With Diffuser
• Replaceable Characters
• Powered by USB (or you can buy an adapter)

Outdoor Kids Gadgets

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Get your kids off their games consoles and outside by treating them to the wicked kids gadgets that will keep them safely and healthily occupied for hours. With the likes of Ripboards and Vtriker Scooters, children can take to the streets in an exhilarating fun way that will keep them out of trouble, whilst giving them some fresh air. You can buy Ripboards and Vtrikers kids gadgets for a birthday gift or perhaps a special treat at Christmas, but don’t delay too much as the fantastic prices cannot last forever.

Kids Gadgets Mini Vtriker Scooter

Mini Vtriker Scooter

Children will get a great workout whilst having the time of their lives on the Mini Vtriker Scooter. The Vtriker Scooter is very easy to use for both active and the more lazier kids, all you do is push your feet inwards and outwards on the safe rubber gripped platforms to accelerate, whilst steering firmly for maximum control. After using the Mini Vtriker Scooter for just a few days, thighs will already be firmer, fitter and healthier. Any child from 3-6 years old can use the Mini Vtriker Scooter and there is even a dual braking system and flashing front wheel meaning your child will look fantastic as well as being in safe hands.

Kids Gadgets Mini Vtriker Scooter Info

• Easy to Assemble
• Made from Strong Plastic
• Dual Braking System
• Front Flashing Light
• Requires No Batteries

Kids Gadgets Green Rip Board

Green Rip Board

For all those Tony Hawks fans, there is a stylish way to enjoy skateboarding at it’s best, by using a Rip Board or Rip Stik as it’s known in the U.S. This visually exciting Green Rip Board is an innovative way of skating and fantastic for the body as you twist your waist to manoeuvre, much the way you do with snowboarding. Due to the flexibility of rip boards, those who are experienced or fast learners will soon be enjoying pulling off excellent tricks that simply are not possible with standard skateboards. For further technical information, check out the full product description of the green rip board. In addition to green, you can also buy the rip board in red, yellow and blue.

Kids Gadgets Rip Board Info

• Available in 4 Colours
• Solid Aluminium Tube Connects 2 Sections
• Environmentally Friendly Travel
• ABS/PC Constructions Makes Board Lightweight & Strong
• Recommended for Riders 8 yrs +
• Maximum Weight 99kg
• Free Heavy Duty Carry Case

There is a great video to check out which explains exactly how the rip board works, fantastic resource for new riders.

Lighting Gadgets Make A Home Exciting

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Transform your space into an exciting visual treat by adding some lighting gadgets to compliment any room of your choice. With fantastic quality lighting gadgets such as Mathmos lava lamps, wind up torches and solar powered ambient lights you will soon be enjoying your home much more than ever before. Using lighting gadgets not only relaxes and soothes the mind but they are also superb for parties and special occasions such as Christmas and getting the kids to bed to have some time to yourself.

Pink Solar Powered Lamp Lighting Gadgets

Pink Solar Powered Lamp

Just looking at this awesome pink solar powered lamp makes me feel calm and peaceful, well you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home without even using the electric to power it. The pink solar powered lamp as it suggests uses sunlight to charge the battery inside, releasing it’s ambience at night, all you need to do is to leave it in direct sunlight for a few hours. You can enjoy an impressive five hours of light from one charge, making the pink solar powered lamp ideal to use as a night light, or to brighten dark corners in the home. In addition to pink, you can also enjoy the solar powered lamps in yellow.

Mathmos Lighting Gadgets Fireflow R1 Candle Lava Lamp

Whilst standard lava lamps run off your electric, this fabulous space age looking Pink Fireflow R1 is powered by a candle. This wireless lighting gadget makes it improbable to fall over, without some brutal force. With a simple tea light you can enjoy beautiful lighting and save your plug sockets for other things. After the 40th Anniversary of the moon landings, the Fireflow R1 Candle Lava Lamp is a stunning memorial of the occasion with its rocket design. You can buy the Fireflow R1 Candle Lava Lamp in pink or purple.

Fireflow R1 Mathmos Candle Lava Lamp

Purple Fireflow R1 Candle Lava Lamp

Browse The Gadget Sale For Great Value Unusual Gifts

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Massive reductions have led to the fantastic gadget sale where you can pick up all kinds of weird and wonderful gadgets. The gadget sale has everything from strobing pint glasses to novelty photo frames, electric shock bottle openers and seed pods which allow you to grow herbs and spices even without a garden. You can stock up early for Christmas or simply treat yourself to some of the wonderfully priced gadget sale items, sure to raise a smile here and there whoever receives them.

Gadget Sale Outdoor & Indoor Gifts

There are some wonderful gifts that can be used outside, around the house or elsewhere. So make life more interesting with some outdoor gadgets at incredibly affordable prices.

Key Rock

Key Rock

This innovative key rock will ensure that if you must leave a key outside somewhere then it will be disguised completely out of sight from any potential burglars. The key rock looks just like a normal rock, however when you pick it up beneath is a secret compartment which you can place your door key in. The key rock is great for teenagers who always lose their keys and come home late at night waking up parents, with the key rock this no longer has to be an annoyance.

Seed Pod Herb Grow Kits

If you don’t have a garden, or even if you do and want to grow herbs and spices in the comfort of your kitchen then check out the great range of seed pod herb grow kits available. There are various seed pod herb grow kits to choose from, allowing you to save a tremendous amount of money in the supermarket. To grow the seed pod herb grow kits couldn’t be simpler, just place it on a windowsill or shelf, water regularly and before you know it you can enjoy fresh, delicious herbs and spices.

Seed Pod Herb Grow Kits Available

Basil Seed Pod Herb Grow Kit

Chillies Seed Pod Herb Grow Kit

Chives Seed Pod Herb Grow Kit

Coriander Seed Pod Herb Grow Kit

Mint Seed Pod Herb Grow Kit

Parsley Seed Pod Herb Grow Kit

Sage Seed Pod Herb Grow Kit

Thyme Seed Pod Herb Grow Kit

Drinking Gadgets Are Great Party Accessories

Friday, August 6th, 2010

There is a whole world of drinking gadgets available for you to use at celebrations and to make ordinary evenings in more exciting. You can add many items to your kitchen cupboards and use these revolutionary, comical and practical drinking gadgets in the garden, home or around friend’s houses. Some of the drinking gadgets at your disposal are items such as bottle openers with a difference, ice tankards and bottle holders.

Kitchen Drinking Gadgets

Add some style to your kitchen with some kitchen drinking gadgets, when you invite friends or family over you can show off unique bottle holders, openers and even check the temperature of your wine is perfect with the ingenious stainless steel thermometer cuff. Kitchen drinking gadgets also make fantastic house warming gifts for anybody who has recently moved home.

Drinking Gadgets Bottle Holder

Drinking Gadgets Coca Cola Bottle Opener

Drinking Gadgets Stainless Steel Cuff

Bottle Accessory Drinking Gadgets

Open, stopper and accessorise your bottles of booze or soda with some of the coolest bottle gadgets on the market. These particular bottle gadgets are bound to raise a few smiles along the way, encouraging people to let their hair down.

Happy Man Bottle Opener

Happy Man Bottle Stopper

The Gadgets Sale Has Digital Photo Viewers Going Cheap

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Make the most of the gadgets sale and treat yourself or somebody else to one of the cool mini digital photo viewers available. You can choose which colour digital photo viewer you want by browsing through the gadgets sale clearance tab and clicking on your selection. There are also different shaped digital photo viewers available, from heart and square to oval egg shapes. The gadgets sale can only last for as long as the stock does, so please don’t delay to save disappointment.

Gadgets Sale Blue Diamond Mini Digital Photo Viewer

Blue Diamond Mini Digital Photo Viewer

This compact blue diamond mini digital photo viewer is very impressive for its size, allowing you to view your digital content in a fun and easy way. The unique keychain design of the blue diamond mini digital photo viewer has a colourful backlit monitor and two viewing modes, with browse and slideshow options. You can transfer up to 56 photos as well as charge the internal battery by connecting it to your PC’s powered USB port or AC Adapter.

Gadgets Sale Blue Diamond Mini Digital Photo Viewer Contents

• Easy To Use Software
• Holds Up To 56 Images
• Pocket Size
• Colour Screen
• Browse & Slideshow Options
• Vanity Mirror
• Upload Images Via USB
• Rechargeable Battery
• Neck Strap
• USB Cable
• 3 Hrs Battery Life

Gadgets Sale Heart Pink Mini Digital Photo Viewer

Heart Pink Mini Digital Photo Viewer

Buying this sweet heart pink mini digital photo viewer for a loved one is a great way to make sure they keep you in mind wherever they go. The heart designed viewer can beautifully display favourite pictures in one easy step thanks to a USB cable. You won’t need to contend with tiny pictures that get ruined with time in lockets when you have a mini digital photo viewer around.

Gadgets Sale Other Mini Digital Photo Viewers

Pink Oval Mini Digital Photo Viewer

Silver Diamond Mini Digital Photo Viewer

Red Oval Mini Digital Photo Viewer

Gadget Clearance Mega Sale

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Get all your gadgets fast in the gadget clearance, before they all go, as partly thanks to customer’s loyalty and partly to replenish cyber shelves with new stock the gadget clearance has a whole variety of fun and exciting gadgets waiting for you. Items in the gadget clearance include knife blocks, glow sticks, office and car compound cleaner, iCushions and seed pods.

Gadget Clearance Office Gadgets

USB Bendi Board

Office Cleaner Compound

iPad Illuminating Board

Gadget Clearance Home Gadgets

iCushion Equaliser Pillow

Glam Washing Up Gloves

Knife Thrower Knife Block

Gadget Sale

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Now is the time to stock up on geeky, practical and fun gadgets as the gadget sale is now on. The gadget sale has top quality products with major reductions on them, making them even easier to afford than before. Whether you want to get Christmas or birthday gifts in early or want to treat somebody special just for being them, the gadget sale is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Gadget Sale Adult Cyclist Jogger High Visibility Waist Belt

Adult Cyclist Jogger High Visibility Waist Belt

You can wear this vibrant adult cyclist/jogger high visibility waist belt to ensure that you are seen by drivers. In the fog, heavy rain and in the dark you can be particularly hard for drivers to see, in some cases until it is too late to avoid a collision, don’t take the risk and instead wear the cyclist/jogger high visibility waist belt. The cyclist/jogger high visibility waist belt is adjustable so that you can wear it in the most comfortable way, making you visible in both daylight and at night. You can either wear the waist belt around your waist or main torso area, the flashing chevrons on the belt ensure a 360 degree illumination all which runs from AAA batteries.

A front fastening makes it very easy to put the cyclist/jogger waist belt on and to take it off again. The belt is also lightweight and doesn’t restrict you in the slightest, so you can wear it over athletic or street clothing. The durable battery pack is located in the buckle of the waist belt which has an on/off switch so you can conserve the battery when you can.

Gadget Sale Hi Vis Safety Vest Standard Warning Triangle

Hi Vis Safety Vest Warning Triangle

To increase your safety whilst on the roads or paths even further you can wear this funky hi vis warning triangle design safety vest. You can rest assured that you will be highly visible whilst wearing the hi vis warning triangle safety vest. In addition to cyclists, walkers and joggers, these vests are also useful for building site workers, emergency services and commuters. The bright electro luminescence panel will keep you visible after dark whilst the two colour design will keep you noticeable during the day. The warning triangle is located at a specific point, in driver’s line of sight, with a strong battery pack hidden away inside a pocket. Silver reflective tape will keep your visible even when the EL panel has been switched off.

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