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October 28th, 2013

10 New Style Equalizer Shirts to be won!


How to Enter

1. Re-pin the competition image

2. Follow FLASHWEAR  and create a Pinterest board called “Flashwear Stuff I Like” 

3. Visit our online shop and pin 10 of your favorite items to your “Flashwear Stuff I Like” board (Please remember your  list can only contain items from Flashwear.com)

4. Add #coolshirt to every item you pin

5. Email us a link to your “Flashwear Stuff I Like” board to pintertest@flashwear.com
Good luck and remember the more you pin the greater your chance of winning no matter where you are in the world. You can invite your friends to join and get more chance to win as well!

Competition closes on 1st December 2013, so get pinning and we’ll get the prize off to you for Xmas!
** Please note, you can pin as many items as you want but they must all can be found on Flashwear.com


Pin it to Win it


Creepy Frankenstein t-shirts

October 1st, 2013

By Simon Parkes

Halloween is fast approaching and so we are going to start reviewing great Halloween costumes and so this time we are looking at Creepy Frankenstein t-shirts and stuff. Iconic during the Halloween Festival and a true classic when it comes to horror in general. We have looked at 3 shirt designs. If you want to see some of our Halloween inspirations you can find some in our Halloween section.


Frankenstein Mask


Frankenstein Mask

We found this one on the Blog Of Frankenstein and think it is pretty good. Frankenstein’s monster was in many ways the original zombie and the colour in this mask looks just like the decaying flesh you would expect. So we give this one 8 out of 10 for realism



Frankenstein Shirt with moving Eyes

Frankenstein Shirt with Moving Eyes


Next up is this totally new dress down concept of a Frankenstein t-shirt with moving eyes. The eyes are behind a pair of EL glasses that light up. This not only makes the shirt come to life it also gives it a contemporary feel. There is definitely nothing like it on the net anywhere else. A great idea if you are going to a Halloween party but don’t want to wrap yourself up on toilet roll.






Full Frankenstein Costume.

Finally we go to the full size costume. In this case we vote for the adult Frankenstein Costume from halloweencostumes.com It’s a function costume that has both impact and at the same time is reasonably priced. Although you will need some green paint for your skin which I am sure they supply separately.

Get Massive discounts on Flashing t-shirts

February 11th, 2013

We are offering massive discounts on Flashing t-shirts. Guaranteed to be the cheapest on the internet whilst at the same time offering all the quality you expect from Flashwear. Whether it is animated shirts or sound activated there is something here for you. And if you are looking for other special offers then browse out gadget clearance section.


Cheap Star Trek shirt.

“It’s life Jim but not as we know it” with these cheap Star Trek shirts. Go to that convention and stand out with a classic Star Trek logo shirt that lights up. At only £6.99 this is cheaper than a normal Star Trek t-shirt and does so much more.





Cheap Space Invader Shirt.

Get retro for very little money with our cheap Space Invaders shirts. Designed round the graphics of the original arcade game from the 80s, these shirts are only £6.99 and they light up to music. How cool is that.





Cheap Top Gun Shirt.

“You’re gonna do what?”, yep we’re gonna offer these cheap top gun shirts for only £6.99. That’s right, they light up and flash to make any Top Gun fan a happy pilot. “I feel the need, the need for speed”


Clothing that lights up.

January 31st, 2013

Fashion trends are really changing and we are seeing a huge interest in clothing which lights up. There are various technologies for this, LED being one. However electroluminescence still seems to be the technology of choice for “tech togs” like our t-shirts.


Fergie’s dress that lights up

The Black Eyed Peas are famous for the way they embrace wearable technology and technology and fashion. In fact Will.I.Am is said to be passionate about this. Just look at Fergie’s dress which lights up at the Billboard Awards in 2011. In fact Flashwear even supplied the shirt Fergie’s wore in Boom Boom Pow video. If you want to get one of these you can here.


JLS illuminating Costumes

Just like the “Peas” JLS are fond of their wearable tech. Their stage performances are bright, flashy and eye catching with the use of LED chest plates. Of course, if it is an illuminated chest you want then look no further than the Raver T-shirt that lights up to music.





Fashion Technology

At Flashwear we are dead keen on fashion technology and you will see in the coming month our products will reflect this. And we are not the only ones. The team at Ecouterre have been following this trend for some time. Look at the Vega Wang’s costumes designed for TRON3. They use the same technology as we do. They really are out of this world

The Future Is Wearable Technology

January 29th, 2013

At Flashwear we see ourselves as early innovators in wearble technology. We were the business who 1st started putting illumination on clothing in a serious way. Out range of t-qualiser shirts are still very popular the world over. In fact many people email us and say things like – are you the guys that sell those flashing shirts at Universal Studios

So, where do we think the new hot products are?

Sports Visor for Atheletes

What about the Screeneye X sports visor. It records all your athletic activity; speed, distance, heart rate, lap time etc and displays it on a screen in front of you. All sent to the visor via radio linked sensors on the body. And if wearing some technology on your head is your thing you might want to look at the LED light cap which has a solar powered visor. Perfect for evening activities like fishing etc.



Smart Watches

These cool wrist watches from Pebble Technology use e-paper and run various apps linking it to an iphone. Its a computer for your wrister and can be seen in bright sunshine. Or you might be interested in our Spy Watch which is a watch that records video and audio digitally.




Pet Finder Technology

The SticknFind pet finder is a little device that have a bluetooth chip. Using an app on your phone you can see where you cat or dog is within 200m. But if you want to go considerably more “low tech” you might want to try an LED collar for you dog. Perfect for those long dark winter nights.


Time to get fit this January

January 15th, 2013

With Christmas a distant memory and after all the over indulgent festive  excesses it is time to get fit in January. And what better way to start your fitness regime than these home fitness and exercise products.


Abgymnic Muscle toning belt.

If you have eaten too much turkey, drank too much beer and spent Christmas relaxing; it may be time to look at toning up your stomach muscles again with this Abgymnic Muscle Toning Belt. Beat the Christmas flab and let’s get physical.





What about a Door Gym for the home

With this Door Gym Sit up and pull up bar you can cancel those expensive gym fees and creat a home exercise studio. The door gym fits pretty much any door securely and allows you to work on your upper body strength. Perfect after 2 weeks eating turkey and watching TV





Wrist and Forearm Strengtheners

If you are spending a bit too much time on the games console you bought for Christmas and need to strengthen those forearms why not try these very effective wrist strengtheners. Fits snugly on the arm and you can use it while watching TV.

Fun flashing Christmas T-shirts

December 4th, 2012

We made our name with our range of fun flashing Christmas t-shirts. So many amusing designs that flash to music or animate. They are found all over the world. Our flashing shirts from Universal Studios in Florida are wildly popular in the US too.


Flashing shirt that lights up to music.

One of our best selling products is the t-qualizer flashing shirt that lights up to music. We have over 50 different designs including our totally unique Star Wars t-shirt that lights up. What about a flashing shirt designed in your country’s flag.


Flashing shirt for Christmas party

If you want to stand out and look cool then we suggest one of our flashing shirts for Christmas party. It light up to music and picks up the beat of any sound, even your voice. Very cool. The classic design looks like a retro graphic equalizer on a shirt.


Cool Christmas t-shirt

If you want to give a present away this Christmas which different. Then try any one of our range of cool Christmas T-shirts that light up. One of our favourites is the “chiller” designed to look cool anywhere.


Find Pet Safety Lights

November 20th, 2012

It’s not just humans that need to be seen. Our pets need all the help they can get with our range of Pet Safety Lights to help you make sure you pooch can be really seen in the dark. And remember that if you want to keep them warm in winter you can always try our range dog fleeces by hotter dog.


LED Dog Lead

This robust bright orange dog lead has push button activated LED strip inserted along the length. Press once and watch the entire lead light up along the strap. It has a standard clip which allows you to connect to the collar. We think this Nite Ize Light Up lead is perfect for those night time walks.





LED Dog Collar

Along with the Nite Ize light up dog lead you can have a matching collar to offer that extra night time visibility. Again it comes in a bright orange colour so it is also good for day time and even dusk visibility and comes in 3 sizes. It is its an LED Dog Collar you are after this is a must





LED Collar flasher

If your much loved pooch is a bit too attached to their collar and lead, why not compromise with this little flashing LED Collar lights which clip to the collar. It comes in rubberised finish to be totally weather proof. The nite ize LED dog collar light comes in red and white and has 2 modes, on all the time and flashing.



If you want to see other Nite Ize product not availible here you can find them on the Nite Ize website.

Buy Illuminated Road Safety Products

November 15th, 2012

Winter is practically upon us and it is now time to buy illuminated road safety products to make sure you don’t get caught out in the dark. Even Bradley Wiggins was recently caught out by a driver who wasn’t paying attention. So we are all at risk. But we have some great road safety lighting products. And remember your pets count too so have a look at our pet safety products too.


Angel LED Cycling Helmet

First up is a fantastic illuminating cycling helmet.  This stylish but tough cycling help is a must for any cycling enthusiast. Particularly useful helmet for urban cycling with an LED illuminating rim which offers  360 degree illumination. USB rechargeable and compliant to EU safety standards.





Proviz Illuminated Cycling Jacket

Proviz have developed a stunning and stylish illuminated safety jacket specifically for cyclists. The fluorescent illuminating safety jacket from Provis comes in styles for both men and women and is illuminated using electroluminescent strips.






Nite Ize Spokelit Spoke Lights

Nite Ize make some of the best LED cycling lights around. And these funky LED cycling lights clip on your spokes and come in various colour. The faster you go the better the illumination in our opinion.. And don’t forget they make them for your keys too.

Bonfire Night Light Up Goodies

October 31st, 2012

Winter is upon and it is the time of the year where we all let a load of fireworks off while watching someone’s old cloths stuffed with paper set on top of a Bonfire. And if this is one of those events you are taking part in then try some of these Guy Fawkes Night Light Up Goodies. But remember, if you don’t want to venture out in the cold, you can always stay at home with this fantastic fleece snug rug.


Shirt with flames.Flaming Skull T-Shirt

Little obvious this one, let’s just say the clue is in the name. If you want to stand out on Bonfire Night then what about walking around in this super awesome  flaming skull t-shirt that lights up. And to make it even more awesome it actually lights up to sound so it can flicker to the sounds of a roaring bonfire.


LED Key Ring

LED Key Ring

So you are out with the family in a totally dark field with fireworks going of, sparklers being waved in your face and not to mention the roaring bonfire to distract your attention. Then you drop your keys. Not to worry though because if you have one of these cool LED Key rings you have nothing to worry about.




LED Head TorchLED Head Torch

What about this very efficient LED Torch for Guy Fawkes Night. Perfect for navigating around a cold field in the pitch black. Avoid the pothole in the road on the a dogs unmentionable mess on a track with a LED head torch that straps to your head. Job Done methinks!

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